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Natural Frequency Extraction and Frequency Response Analysis of Reinforced Plate on Abaqus CAE

Executive Summary In this project, natural frequency of reinforced plate has been found either on AbaqusSoftware and with the stiffness-frequency formulas. Since there are two differentanalysis methods, of course there are two different results. Abaqus software’svalue(37.8) is %30 higher than the simple calculations result (29.2). Since, softwarehas many inputs like; material, interactions, model dimensions etc..,…

Assessment of the Reinforced Plate with Linear Elastic Analysis and Non-Linear Analysis

Executive Summary In the model, there are 3 reinforcements attached to the flat plate. This model exposed todifferent kind of loads to find the; force required to generate a deflection of 5mm in elasticmodel, maximum total force carried without yielding occurs in elastic model, maximum totalforce to generate a plastic strain between 0.1-0.5% and the…

Retaining Wall Analysis by using Abaqus/CAE

Task: Height of the retaining wall H=2120 mm, Elastic Modulus of Concrete =20,000 MPa Elastic Modulus of Steel = 200,000 GPa Static General Analysis is going to be exacuted. Retaining wall is fixed at the bottom. Load will be applied as uniform pressure along the retaining wall. Pressure, p=k ρ g H where k is…